The original inspiration for creating MyMalas by LALA, our chic modern mala beads, was simply to create a beautiful way to wear magical healing crystals close to our hearts. The benefits of rose quartz, black onyx, howlite, and so many more gemstones are such a gift.
As with any crystals, they will attune to your energy. You set the intention for them and they carry the vibration. They can also absorb a lot of negative energy for you. That’s why we like to cleanse them from time to time to keep them in their optimal state, clearing them to receive your intentions.

Enter … Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge:
This is secret formula that we love love love. Let me tell you that after each MyMalas by LALA is created and knotted in meditation, it is then sprayed with Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge. Our customers always report this magical sensation when opening their malas and Spirit Mist helps to create that vibe.
Spirit Mist is a cleansing concoction even more powerful than saging.
It’s creator Rhonda Lee, has taken several essential oils, crystals and herbs, combined with Reiki energy to create the best alternative to a cloud of sage smoke. She calls it positive energy in a bottle and let me tell you … it is!
The smell lights up your nose! It is heaven!!
Not only do we spray each and every mala that we make and ship to you, but we use this mist in so many ways.

We spray it on:

Ourselves SM-MM



Wallets & Money

Angel Cards & Tarot Cards

Tax Documents


Inside the car

In all the corners of rooms

On anything that isn’t working

As each mala is completed and nestled in it’s pouch, it is sprayed with Spirit Mist accompanied by the prayer: “May this mala bring the wearer many blessings.”
Spirit Mist is our secret weapon to clearing and prepping YOUR secret weapons. To keep your Malas, crystals and space at optimal vibration, grab your bottle of Spirit Mist.

You can thank us later.

Grab your own chic, spiritual and modern mala at and get 15% off your first order. We make every mala with love and magic and serve a badass community!


Special thank you to LALA for this guest post!  LALA was even kind enough to sit down in a video interview with me and show off her gorgeous malas.  They are truly stunning and her attention to detail is simply amazing.  Click on the image to see the video!


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I’m an international bestselling author!

by rhonda on March 19, 2017

I am so very very excited to share this amazing project with you.  I am a co-author to an international bestselling book and I am over the moon excited about it!  365 Life Shifts made #1 bestseller in 8 different categories! Just look at this beautiful cover:



Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck are the masterminds behind this project “This book contains contains 365 inspiring personal stories from over 250 beautiful souls all around the world, including me! 🙂 It is filled with over 450 pages of such positive, loving energy, and we know that it’s going to be so uplifting for so many. Topics include: finding the strength to go down a new path, saying yes or no to a relationship, bravely living authentically, receive from beyond, and everyday moments that were infused with extraordinary soulfulness that shifted the author’s life. All of the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how magical and far reaching a life shift can truly be.”

Of course I got excited and made a video about my submission, but then decided that one video simply was not enough.  I had to share videos of my friends that co-authored the book with me.  So I convinced a few international bestselling authors to do mini interviews with me about their submissions for the book.  Here is the playlist for the videos:

I'm published

Oh there’s more!  I didn’t get a chance to get interviews with Dan and Jodi….yet.  I do, however have a bio to share on this amazing couple that guided all of us through the process of creating this book:

Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck are a husband-and-wife team who loves living soulfully and joyfully. Since 2005, they’ve been living their dream of writing books and creating products that inspire others to connect with their soul and live fully and passionately. Jodi has a BA in English/Technical Editing and Sociology, and Dan has a BA in Religious Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing. Together, they have over 30 years of experience with editing and publishing and have sold over 35,000 books. They have written 20 books, 10 ecourses, and over 1,000 blog posts/articles. Jodi is an award-winning blogger at and the creator of Soul Clarity Cards.  Dan is the author of the personal-growth blog They are the co-creators of the Soulful Journals Series (, the 365 Book Series (, and a number of soulful online communities and ecourses. They live on the Oregon coast with their sweet cats. They enjoy hanging out at the beach and working, creating, and playing together.


Ready to grab a copy of 365 Life Shifts? I know you will just love it!  I haven’t put mine down since I received it.  My inbox and email and been packed full of messages from friends that just love the book and I know you will love it too.  You can get your copy HERE:



Do you know how powerful you are? You can easily clear your personal energy field. Let me show you how!

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Know JOY

February 16, 2017

Well, I was goofing off with my good friend JOY the other day and I looked over at JOY and I said, "Know what? You are literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me." JOY just beamed at me when I said that. "We’ve come a long way together. Seriously, I’d be nothing without […]

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That time I was taught a lesson about my own product…

November 3, 2016

I received the most fabulous testimonial awhile back about Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge.  It was so great, so useful, so very meaningful that I decided that it deserved it’s very own blog post.  Shannon Townsend helped me see my product with new eyes and it was refreshing and educational.  To say that I love this […]

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About that time I almost killed myself 4 times on a bike ride….

October 29, 2016

About that time I almost killed myself 4 times on a bike ride…. 1. I was flying down the path enjoying the rush of the wind in my face and then it happened…a squirrel tried to commit suicide by darting almost right under my front tire. I braked so hard that I almost went over […]

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My interview was on TV!

September 13, 2016

Wow, wow, WOW! Has this been a majorly fun summer. I literally took off most of the summer to enjoy my family as much as possible. Lots of silliness and lots of laughs. It seems that there is a never ending source of giggles in my family, especially when my mom and I get tired. […]

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OMG I’m missing out on life!

October 7, 2015

Evidently I have developed quite a bit of a Periscope addiction as of late.  It’s quick and easy and I can immediately share what’s on my mind. What exactly is on my mind? Reframing. Life happens for me and through me.  

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Because we can always use more love

June 25, 2015

Join me on June 27, 2015 Please send love, prayers, meditations, happy thoughts, positive energy, Reiki or anything you’ve got out into the world during this 24 hour time period.  I will be sending Reiki energy out into the world during this time as well.  I felt a very strong need to do this.  I […]

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Misery will age you rapidly

January 15, 2015

Misery   will   age   you   rapidly… How’s that for a catchy title? Yes, I was trying to get your attention because this stuff is important.  Really important. You see, part of my life’s work is to help people see where they are putting their energy and how they can manage it to get their desired outcome.  […]

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The Christmas that I heard an Angel Sing

December 21, 2014

Several years ago, back in my teaching days to be exact I had the good fortune to hear an angel sing at Christmas.  This is a completely true story. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season!

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