Know JOY

by rhonda on February 16, 2017

Well, I was goofing off with my good friend JOY the other day and I looked over at JOY and I said, "Know what? You are literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me."

JOY just beamed at me when I said that.

"We’ve come a long way together. Seriously, I’d be nothing without you. I mean it."

JOY was simply radiant.

"JOY, I promised that you would be of utmost importance in my life. I sought and found you everywhere. You were so damn loyal to me. You never left my side. You are the truest friend I’ve ever had!"

JOY literally glowed.

"Because of you, I’ve experienced the most incredible life! I owe all my finest work to you. Who would have ever have thought that by simply hanging out with you my dreams would come true? How many people get to birth their dreams over and over again every day because of you? Everyone should know you!"

JOY expanded bigger than I’ve ever seen and pretty soon we couldn’t contain the laughter any more.

So there’s my secret. It’s not so secret any more. I’ve been busy hanging out with JOY every chance I get. Really, you should get to know my friend JOY. Best thing that ever happened to me.

Know JOY.

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I received the most fabulous testimonial awhile back about Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge.  It was so great, so useful, so very meaningful that I decided that it deserved it’s very own blog post.  Shannon Townsend helped me see my product with new eyes and it was refreshing and educational.  To say that I love this is a huge understatement.  I LOVE THIS!

Here is what Shannon sent to me word for word:


“When everyone raves about a product – you’re drawn to it and when it came to Spirit Mist… they hype was worth it. I wore it like perfume for the first month I had it – I was dealing with a lot of new experiences and wanted to make sure that I was centered as I could be – it was almost magical.

Then…. then my house started to get stagnant. I had realized I felt better when I Spirit Mist-ed the whole house and gave double doses to my husband’s favorite spots. It was getting too hot to have the windows open to air things out, my husband was going through a rough time at work, and he’d noticed. He’d noticed I was making the areas in the house where he hangs out smell different. He was on to me and I wanted an even better, easier solution.

A couple weeks ago our thermostat reminded us to change the filter and it all changed. It was a light bulb moment that made me giggle and feel like a genius. Now, I use Spirit Mist on our air filters for the furnace. It circulates through the entire house, so husband can’t tell I’ve only changed the air around him. Our cat is even loving it. It’s a simple switch, but I can feel the shift of the energy or our home. I’m no longer trying to remember to put it in certain places, getting caught ‘doing something weird with a spray bottle you think is full of magic’, now it goes where it needs to go. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Thanks Rhonda – I love this product and I’m so glad it can go anywhere!”  Shannon Townsend, the Get Shit Done Coach


I even made a great picture testimonial but you can’t get the full experience without reading the full testimonial, which I of course linked to the image.


Do you know how powerful you are? You can easily clear your personal energy field. Let me show you how!

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