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Hi Sweetness!Rhonda Lee

My name is Rhonda Lee, but I am also known as BarefootArtist to many.  I am a multi-passionate person who loves to study everything about natural health that I can get my hands on.  I’ve done it since I was 10 years old.  I also thrive on laughter which helps because I am a Laughter Yoga Leader and it goes along with the job.  Often, I am found leading workshops on stress management, wildly creating programs to enable the beautiful beings I encounter to live full and rich lives on their own terms, and crafting fun and delicious healthy recipes which can be found on my YouTube channel.  Oh, and I dabble in art just a bit too.  But more about that later.

What I do

I primarily serve gorgeous souls who are looking to enhance their lives through healthier choices.  Most of these individuals are ready to break free from many years of living in not so optimal terms and fully embrace their personal power.  This is where I come in.

I consult individuals on how to include more raw/living foods into their diets.  We all know you need to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I even custom create recipes to fit specific needs and tastes for my clients.  I’ll be honest though and mention that I don’t think that raw foods are the answer to everything.  I believe in meeting people where they are.  Basically, I share what I have learned through my lifestyle – which is more than any book or class has taught me.

I have been teaching stress management classes for over a decade and still learn more every time I present.  I teach these classes as often as I can because I believe that stress is the source of much disease and discomfort and can do more harm than a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle.  I’m living proof of it.  Not only do I lead groups in stress management, but I consult individuals as well.

Laughter Yoga is a huge healer and I adore leading sessions.  Sometimes I combine this with stress management seminars, but mostly I teach the health benefits of this deeply life affirming exercise.  I have lead about every group possible in Laughter Yoga sessions from corporate events to cancer patients to fund raisers.  Laughter Yoga is for everyone!

Motivational speaking is a calling of mine and I am frequently found speaking at various events.

Sometimes I even teach an occasional yoga class as well.

My take on things

One of my greatest lessons in life is that we actually do have a choice as to how we respond to the circumstances that we encounter.  I have found myself exploring why certain things had happened to me.  What could I have done or not done?  I know now that sometimes we are just meant to grow, evolve and love.  There will always be lessons.   However we can choose to grow with grace and joy or we can grow kicking and fighting the whole way.

I literally pour my heart into uplifting everyone that I encounter and planting positive seeds.  I truly believe that we are each more powerful than we are even aware.  The greatness of the human spirit is limitless and I have witnessed and experienced many miracles in my lifetime.

My greatest joy is in watching others succeed and achieve their dreams.  I. LIVE. FOR. IT!!

So how did I get started?

I vividly remember going to someone’s A frame house when I was 10 years old because my dad wanted to try their juicer.  That was when I had my first taste of carrot juice and I was pretty much hooked on the whole concept.  From there anytime there was a trip to the health food store I was the first in the car.  I’m still the first one in the car.  I ADORE health food stores, and stop at every single one I can find.  Really, they make me weak in the knees.  I guess the seeds for my love affair with natural health were planted at an early age.  Also, my dad became a ND in my early teen years and I worked my way through every book in his library before I got out of high school.

Next, enter life.  College. Then full time graduate school while teaching special education full time.  I crashed.  My health plummeted from breathing molds that were growing on the ceiling in my classroom, constant stress from my job (aka lack of administrative support.  They just really didn’t want my kids around.) and poor eating and resting to name a few things.  I hit the books and researched my symptoms and started supplementing with herbs.  I actually got better – ok, a LOT better.  I removed toxic situations from my life, such as eating in the teachers lounge because I could no longer listen to the complaining while I was nourishing my body.  Instead, I ate in my classroom while my students napped and painted while listening to Yanni and Enya.  It was the start of some fantastic bulletin boards!  I also became a Reiki Master and treated myself daily.

Shortly after coming up from my crash I became pregnant with the JOY of my life.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel well for most of the pregnancy, but I could function – somewhat.  After my son was born I got by.  I felt exhausted all of the time, but I still insisted on making most of his organic baby food from scratch.  And then it happened.  It was the mother of all crashes.  I remember vividly lying on the couch when my son was 2 years old and my whole body ached.  I was rapidly gaining weight even though I would force myself through 3 hours of exercise a day while existing off of sprouts.  I was terrified.  I had been to 8 different doctors and none of them would help.  Pretty much no one believed me.   I was helpless and dying. My beautiful baby would hold my face in his little hands as he napped each day. I would watch him sleep and frantically search my brain for answers.  Sometimes my back would give way when I was standing and my neck was in severe pain all day.  I easily could sprain it from sneezing.  I needed answers because I refused to be that person that gave up.  It’s just not in my personality.

Rhonda LeeSo I walked away from the medical community that would not help me look for answers or even allow me to do bloodwork that I needed. I had very good insurance!  No more begging for tests.  No more crying in the doctor’s office out of frustration.  Often these visits led me to feel so ashamed of my nonfunctional body.  I felt so betrayed, which certainly isn’t very empowering.  I was defeated.  I remember a doctor once started lecturing me that I just had to accept the fact that I was just a big girl and there was nothing I could do about it.  I was to never ever exercise again and I must take a prescription that would take the fats out of the foods I ate, even though I adamantly insisted that I didn’t eat fried chicken or pork at all and ate very little.  I find it interesting that I was a size 6 at the time and the good doctor outweighed me by over 100 pounds.  She had labored breathing, could barely move and smelled horrible.  Just an observation.

After a year or so of continuing to heal myself on my own, I found a wonderful Dr. that offered many forms of IV therapies and helped me to discover that I had an autoimmune disease.  It was actually what I had been begging all the other doctors to at least recognize and prove with blood work.  So I wasn’t crazy after all.  I wasn’t happy to have a diagnosis, but at least I had something.  I remember my husband apologizing to me when I came home and told him what I had found out.  However, I was not that person that was going to just sit and let life happen to me.  I was going to overcome this no matter what.  I was going to be fully present in the raising of my child and I was going to have fun doing it.

It was back to research for me. 

I discovered even more about herbal healing and natural health than I previously knew and delved into juicing, raw foods and and everything I could find to compliment the IV therapies.  Needless to say, I quickly improved once I figured out a few directions.  I never looked back.  The antibodies stopped attacking my body, so I quit going for IV treatments and took full control of restoring my health.  I knew that health was within my reach.  That was many years ago.  I have never had another flare up.  In fact, I am amazed when I look at all the things I can do now that I physically just could not in years past.  It’s like all of that was a different lifetime and not really me.  It couldn’t have been me.

My solemn vow that I made to myself was to share everything I researched with everyone that I could so no one else would have to endure what I had gone through.  My goal was to empower every person that crossed my path to take responsibility for their own health.  I want to motivate, nurture and uplift so individuals can move forward to a better life.

After years of attending events across the country, participating in numerous social media sites and meeting and studying under some of the most amazing people in the health field I finally started sharing on the internet.  Granted, I get calls at all hours from my friends and you may wonder why I took it any further and open up a bigger can of worms.  Well, it’s quite simple, word got out that I love to research and that I was a great connector of people.  I just simply wanted to share and help others with a mighty passion.  I’ve been so lucky as to have been able to speak and lead workshops from NYC to LA.  I’ve written numerous guest blog posts, given keynote speeches, volunteered my time leading Laughter Yoga sessions to cancer patients and their caregivers and also senior citizen groups.  I’ve gotten a few retreats under my belt as well.  All such great learning experiences.  Somehow in the midst of all of this I became known as a health motivator.  Pretty cool!  And I’ve been so fortunate to sell my paintings on several occasions before they were even hung on the wall in the gallery space.  Talk about a huge warm fuzzy feeling!

For those who are interested in my educational background, I have 3 college degrees including a Master’s in Education.  I love to study how people learn.  Weird, I know, but beneficial in putting together a workshop.  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher of 16 years from the International School of Reiki training and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader from the original school founded by Dr. Kataria.  I trained under the world famous Laura Gentry who is now one of my dearest friends.  All of my art classes were private under various professors and self made artists who chose me to be their student.  Yes, I told you I am so very lucky!

Oh yes, and back to how I became known as BarefootArtist.  Many years ago my cousin insisted that I have a MySpace page.  I guess you could say it was the start of my online presence.  I really had to be pushed to do it and in fact he was the one who created the page.  I told him that I didn’t want anyone to know me, didn’t want to use my name,  didn’t want to use my picture, blah blah blah.   I only wanted to focus on the artwork.  Well, it was later in that year that I started traveling to so many events in the health world that people started knowing and recognizing me from social media sites and the rest is history.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I am very easily entertained; aka –  a really cheap date.
  • Purple is like a religion.
  • My favorite food is raspberries and I sincerely believe that they were created just for me.
  • My crazy dreams include: learning to fly on aerial silks, actually getting paid to dress up like a pirate – which would include a very sexy ship and well, there’s actually too many more to list.  I’ve got a lot of good stuff planned.
  • My teachers are my personal rock stars and I have had many.  I am grateful.
  • I love deep.
  • My family is my oxygen.
  • I am completely owned by 2 dogs and a 3 pound guinea pig named Jupiter.

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