Drift into DeltaSleep

Drift into DeltaSleep

Affirmations to Ease into Restorative Sleep


It is no secret that so often we all get less than the desired quantity and quality of sleep that we need to function optimally.  In all honesty I can say at times I have suffered terribly due to lack of sleep. (hello deadlines, sick family, fatigue, body aches and illness!)

Deep rest and restorative sleep can certainly be a game changer when it comes being productive, feeling good and most importantly having good, positive energy.  We all know how I love to promote a positive shift in energy.  It makes a difference in EVERYTHING.  In the spirit encouraging you to be in charge of your own energy I decided to create this MP3 to help you achieve the ultimate restorative sleep that you so richly deserve.


This MP3 is designed to guide you into deep relaxing sleep with the use of affirmations and binaural beats for brainwave entrainment. Sixty minutes of blissfully gentle music and verbal affirmations guide you into delta brainwaves. This brainwave state is commonly associated with healing, body repair, stress reduction, deepest relaxation, boosted immune system and even increased intuition.


To achieve the full benefits of this mp3 head/earphones are necessary for the binaural brainwave entrainment because different tones simultaneously go into each ear causing the brain to drift into delta waves. Do not listen to this mp3 while driving.

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Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by RoyaltyFreeMeditationMusic.com

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