*Guest post* The Secret to the Extra Magic in MyMalas by LALA

by rhonda on May 11, 2017


The original inspiration for creating MyMalas by LALA, our chic modern mala beads, was simply to create a beautiful way to wear magical healing crystals close to our hearts. The benefits of rose quartz, black onyx, howlite, and so many more gemstones are such a gift.
As with any crystals, they will attune to your energy. You set the intention for them and they carry the vibration. They can also absorb a lot of negative energy for you. That’s why we like to cleanse them from time to time to keep them in their optimal state, clearing them to receive your intentions.

Enter … Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge:
This is secret formula that we love love love. Let me tell you that after each MyMalas by LALA is created and knotted in meditation, it is then sprayed with Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge. Our customers always report this magical sensation when opening their malas and Spirit Mist helps to create that vibe.
Spirit Mist is a cleansing concoction even more powerful than saging.
It’s creator Rhonda Lee, has taken several essential oils, crystals and herbs, combined with Reiki energy to create the best alternative to a cloud of sage smoke. She calls it positive energy in a bottle and let me tell you … it is!
The smell lights up your nose! It is heaven!!
Not only do we spray each and every mala that we make and ship to you, but we use this mist in so many ways.

We spray it on:

Ourselves SM-MM



Wallets & Money

Angel Cards & Tarot Cards

Tax Documents


Inside the car

In all the corners of rooms

On anything that isn’t working

As each mala is completed and nestled in it’s pouch, it is sprayed with Spirit Mist accompanied by the prayer: “May this mala bring the wearer many blessings.”
Spirit Mist is our secret weapon to clearing and prepping YOUR secret weapons. To keep your Malas, crystals and space at optimal vibration, grab your bottle of Spirit Mist.

You can thank us later.

Grab your own chic, spiritual and modern mala at MyMalas.com and get 15% off your first order. We make every mala with love and magic and serve a badass community!


Special thank you to LALA for this guest post!  LALA was even kind enough to sit down in a video interview with me and show off her gorgeous malas.  They are truly stunning and her attention to detail is simply amazing.  Click on the image to see the video!


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