I failed and let’s talk about compliments

by rhonda on April 16, 2014


Before I discuss my recent failure I want to talk about what happens when you compliment someone.

Seems rather random, huh?

Not really.

It’s about that amazing awesome energy that you are harnessing and lasering in on another person.

It’s about carelessly flinging some really positive stuffs out into the world. 

It’s about putting yourself out there and being willing to get smacked right in the face with the energy that you just generated.

It’s about being responsible for shifting your own reality…..if you allow it.

Cool beans?  Watch this video and find out what I’m talking about.



Did you list your ten compliments yet?

Do it NOW!  Seriously, don’t just go through this post and forget to do this. 

This is some energy shifting magic.

Go ahead.  Do it.  This post will be right here waiting for your return and then we can talk about my failure.


Did you do it?

Ok. Good.  Now back to my recent failure.  You’re gonna love this…



Meet Scarlett! 

Champion snuggler and cabbage stalk eater. 

So far her favorite things are my bed and her big brother Buddha.




One last thing I thought you should know.  My product, Spirit Mist, has been getting a lot of attention lately.  It was even reviewed for the Oscars swag bags! Growing this baby has been the most fun ever. This testimony always brings a smile to my face.


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