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by rhonda on November 8, 2013

Wow!  It’s my first Inspire Me Friday video interview and I am so excited

Before I share the interview I wanted to share a little bit about my new Inspire Me Friday series.  This whole concept is something that I had been playing with in my brain for a really long time.  Really long time.  I just never knew exactly how, what, where or any of that good stuff.  So, I’ve kept it on the back burner.

I’ve been craving a change for awhile now.  If you’ve been following my blog you know that I’ve retired the raw recipe programs.  I just wanted MORE.  You see, I love inspiration of every kind.  You could even call me an inspiration junkie and I won’t mind.  However, I find inspiration sometimes in the most random things ever.  And inspiration doesn’t have to be all mushy gooshy lovey dovey stuff either.  I have wept tears of laughter and appreciation and have been deeply  inspired by comedy performances (must be the Laughter Yoga leader in me.)  I am known for my late night creative bursts that will keep me up for hours on end creating something that was probably inspired by a blade of grass. 

I guess what this is all about is that I’ve been ready to  shift the energy (remember this term because you’re going to see it again!) around my business and life a good bit.  There will be so much more about that later.  Hang on it gets better.  You’ll see.  Just keep coming back.

In the meantime I’m trying out this new series for the rest of the year.  Every week I will post an Inspire Me Friday video.  Let me know what you think.


Back to our regularly scheduled program….


WRJoining me for my first Inspire Me Friday video is author Wendy Reese.  She has recently released her new book “Just Tell Me What To Do!” 

Wendy explains: “Just Tell Me What To Do!” is divided into two parts. The first brings clarity to why you think what you think, feel what you feel, and do what you do. The second part helps you redesign your reality in harmony with your essence and purpose. Through the processes in the book, learn how to collapse the beliefs and patterns that keeps you stuck.

My interview with Wendy was lively and fun as you will see and I’m going to be honest, Wendy has a special kind of sparkle that just draws you in and I could have easily done a video three times longer just because she is so vibrant. 

 Please note that we were at the mercy of technology and Skype and at times the video does not sync with the sound.

Here is my inspirational take away from this interview combining my thoughts and borrowing Wendy’s wordsBy being our true selves, we get become Heaven on Earth right now.Tweet that!

Wendy’s book is seriously packed full of information and I haven’t even finished it yet.  However, I love it and it will be my companion for the weekend.  Did I mention that it even comes with a workbook?  You can find out more about Wendy here and her book here.


Shameless plug alert!

If you enjoyed the interview with Wendy you should check out her laughing along with me in my Laugh Away Your Stress program.  She had me in stitches with her “mouse giggles.”


And speaking of being in stitches…

I decided to throw in a bonus video for your weekend entertainment.  I believe the title speaks for itself.

Yes, I’m talking about actual guinea pig poo in my ear. For reals!

You’re welcome.

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