Just seeing the word makes you cringe doesn’t it?  I feel the same way.  Heaven knows I’ve had my fair share of it. 

How do we blast stress?  When everything becomes craptastic, where’s the break?

I’m not good at meditating and being mindful when I’m worried about meeting an important deadline or when the bills pile on.   How about you?          

My mind keeps wandering back to my stress.

There were years that I felt like I was beating my brain into submission trying so hard to be all zen and forcing myself to be peaceful. 

Yup.  ForcingWhere’s the peace in that?!

You know what?  I found the secret and created a method to blasting stress.

partyOne day after a really amazing stress blasting session I had a huge light bulb moment that turned into an exercise I couldn’t wait to try it out with my next group! And that is what I did! Combining a Laughter Yoga technique with my new found exercise for stress blasting,  created an exercise that would prove what I knew to be true.  This one simple exercise releases stress 100% of the time.  Every. Single. Time.   I call it my secret stress blaster!

It is so effective that it became my most requested workshop.  My secret weapon became a SOLD OUT workshop! And now I want you to have it!  I have turned this secret weapon into a product you can own today!  Yep, I’ve decided to unleash the magic so everyone can blast stress anytime, anywhere.  I want you to know how powerful you are.  I want you to learn the amazing technique and to fall in love with the incredible ability that your body has to cope with stress.

I’m sharing my proven solution to help you realize the power you have over stress.  I’ll show you how you can get relief, and I have the data proving it works!   You’ll learn how to rapidly pull your focus away from stress and find yourself fully immersed in the present moment.  It’s easier than you can imagine and you can do it whenever the need arises. 

Laugh Away Your Stress

This awesome customized  program includes:

Laugh Away Your Stress Ipad

·        5 short videos full of information which includes a stress blasting session that you will can view anytime, anywhere,  always!   Video #4 is sure to be your favorite and will rapidly redirect your focus and blast away your stress!

·        An  8 page PDF workbook packed full of ideas, activities and actions to beat the stress monster!

·         A micro-meditation MP3.  A perfect tool to carry with you and help you refocus when stress threatens to bring down your day. 

 This tool catches stress before it catches you!

“Laughter yoga for me, is a great way to stop stress which can lead to painful heartburn, etc…, The value is $1,000’s in medical savings alone.”                        Alisa Ugalde,

“Way to go, Rhonda! This is a GREAT program! I was really surprised by how much the laughter made me relax.”          Crystal Cherry Colson

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