Laughing the Body ALIVE

“Laughing is great for my body?”


Would you believe me if I told you that laughing is actually really healthy for your body?

It can make your body feel vibrant and alive.

LY1There’s even proven health benefits.  That’s right!  There’s research being done every day about this subject.  Some people even use laughter yoga as a form of exercise.  And by that I mean aerobic exercise that burns off calories. Best. Workout. EVER.

So here’s the deal.  I’ve had a lot of experience leading various Laughter Yoga sessions.  I get to watch people literally transform in front of my eyes every time.  Every single time. People walk in and sometimes they look dull, stressed and downright pissed off.  HOWEVER, I witness them leaving as very different people.  I swear it’s like an instant facelift. Everyone always leaves looking so ALIVE and RADIANT.  I get a lot of hugs.

Watching this happen really motivated me to create something that YOU can do at home.  Let’s face it.  I can’t be everywhere at once, but I can bring you the materials to help you experience this on your own.

Now you’re dying to know more, right?  How do you do this at home?

I’ve gotcha covered. 

Laughing the Body ALIVE

This energizing  program includes:LBApic

·        3 short videos filled with information nuggets that you can return to anytime.  This workshop is interactive, Baby.  You get to ENJOY the benefits as well.

·        A 6 page PDF workbook with short, simple and FUN exercises to enhance your workshop experience.


 “I enjoy Rhonda’s Laughter Yoga classes. Her videos are simple, informative and a great resource. I know there are many health benefits to Laughter Yoga . It feels good while I do it and it lasts afterwards. Feeling good is everything! Laughing the Body ALIVE is like having your own private Laughter Yoga class!”  Sue Luddeke

“Tension causes my body to ache and I have no energy.  After this workshop the pain went away and I have energy!”  Brian Hansley


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