Laughter Yoga as a Healing Tool

by rhonda on April 15, 2012

As a Laughter Yoga Leader, I am often asked about the many ways that Laughter Yoga can be used as a healing tool or for health benefits. Being that this is one of my favorite subjects, I could write endlessly about it. Your body is so amazing and so smart that it comes with its own built in ability to provide you with multiple ways to cope with stress, illness and can provide a means to assist in overall health as well as specific

When leading Laughter Yoga groups, I always take a few minutes to discuss the health benefits that can be achieved prior to doing Laughter Yoga exercises. I also like to remind participants of the benefits that they are experiencing many times throughout the session as well. Here’s a list of some of the benefits that can be achieved through Laughter Yoga:

– Stress manahohohagement

– Pain relief due to endorphin release

– Oxygenation of the body due deep breathing

– Cardiovascular workout with benefits

– Lowered blood pressure

– Boosted immune function

– Serotonin levels elevated

– Improved sleep

– Promotes a sense of calm, peace, happiness and joy

Of course this is not an all inclusive list by any shade of the imagination. However, it is a fantastic place to start when looking at the multiple benefits that can be achieved.

In my honest opinion, I feel that the single most important healing benefit of Laughter Yoga is the deep oxygenation that can occur. This is truly the key to boosting health and healing. Medical science recognizes this and there are many studies that take note that diseases cannot exist in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen is used to speed wound healing, to rejuvenate, and to detox and the list goes on. This is a pretty powerful benefit for enjoying a good belly laugh.

So, how does the oxygenation occur? Simply by the deep breathing that automatically happens when you laugh. When you start to do deep abdominal laughing, all of your internal organs receive a really great massage from the physical motions of laughter itself. Next, the stale air from your lungs starts being forced out, which allows for more room for deeper breathing. Finally, you’ve got it! You take in really deep breaths to continue laughing and the oxygen comes rushing in and flooding your body with its healing benefits. I always like to explain it this way when leading a group. You can go for great periods of time without food. You can even go for awhile without water. However, when you cut off your oxygen supply it’s pretty much over. I feel that many of the health benefits from Laughter Yoga all stem off of oxygenation alone. It’s like a magnet that starts so much of the healing process.

Laughter Yoga is not only great for physical healing, but it is a master in the arena of mental and emotional healing as well. Of course, we all know that laughter is a great way to blow off steam or stress sometimes purely from the distraction alone. However, when doing a session of Laughter Yoga you also have the release of several chemicals in your amazing, intelligent body as well. Two of my favorites to mention are serotonin, a natural antidepressant chemical and endorphins which are feel good chemicals. I have witnessed miracles occur with individuals who have participated in my groups and then continued on with their own practice of inviting laughter into their daily lives. It’s as if the great fog starts to lift and often you are able to think very creatively (probably due to some of that oxygenation) and view life a little differently. You simply feel better, lighter, and happier and often a “purged” feeling occurs as if you’ve released some really heavy stuff. Maybe you have in a way that is comfortable to your body.

Yes, your very wise body comes already equipped with the ultimate healing tool in my opinion. The best part is that you don’t even have to find anything funny in order to achieve benefits from Laughter Yoga. Your body doesn’t know the difference between real or fake laughter. You can fake laugh for an entire session and you will still reap all the benefits including the chemical releases as well. Not too bad for twenty to thirty minutes of Laughter Yoga.

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Cathy June 6, 2012 at 6:30 am

I have been looking for ways to eliminate stresses! This sounds perfect.

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