Leveraging Intention

I almost feel like Heaven poured down on me all the secrets I wanted to know.




When I ask my friends and customers what holds them back from their full potential they almost always say:            

                          “I lose focus.”

                          “I’m trying positive thinking.  Maybe that will work.”

                          “I think my vision board needs to be updated.”

                          “My life is just too chaotic and scattered for anything to happen to me.”

                          “I simply just don’t know what to do or where to start.”


It seems like everyone is spinning their wheels trying to get somewhere, but then they end up floundering.

I know.  I’ve done every single thing I mentioned above and then some.  It was all a fantastic lifelong learning lesson.  Well, it still is and I’ve learned that floundering is actually ok too.


After a lifetime of trial and error, experiment after experiment, dead ends, a lot of confusion and questions I finally came up with my answer.


I finally figured out how to Leverage Intention to help me meet my goals.

In fact, I came up with 6 easy steps that I have used time after time to help me achieve some of the things that I wanted in life.  I even had fun doing it and started doing random experiments just to see what would happen.  For fun!

This process has opened many new doors for me such as:

–          Reaching my health goals and overcoming a serious illness

–          Getting my product (Spirit Mist) seen and in the hands of people that could help me

–          Recognition for my work as a Laughter Yoga Leader

–          Being booked for amazing speaking gigs

–            Most importantly, I’ve found an amazing sense of empowerment with my life that surpasses any levels I previously knew.


I am so excited to present to you my program

 LevInt box

 Leveraging Intention: 6 Easy Steps to Accomplish MORE than You Dreamed Possible.

This instant download program includes:

MP3 class

9 page PDF workbook

Mini motivational MP3

Mini poster of the 6 steps



Purchase instant download here    $25.00

$25.00 – Purchase Excluding 7% tax

“I found Leveraging Intention easy to use and at the same time very profound. I loved Rhonda’s story examples, they malinnde the material enjoyable and easy to grasp. It takes less than 90 minutes to complete which is a bonus in our busy lives. The work book is fantastic! After finishing the 6 steps I really felt my intention was clear. I would highly recommend Leveraging Intention. It is well worth the investment.”      Linn Purdon     Lifestyle by Design     www.LeaveYourHairIn.com.au


“As a person who is actively working on manifesting my heart’s desires, I am always looking for tidbits of information, cydneyactionable tools and advice on how to do it better.  I have studied and practiced manifestation with inconsistent results.  When Rhonda introduced her Leveraging Intention program, I jumped on it.  It’s easy and focused!  Leveraging Intention came as a welcome reminder that I can easily manifest all my hearts desires.  You will fall in love with Rhonda!”    Cydney Mar   Design Director &CEO     www.cydneymar.ca


 I’m really excited to share this program with you.  Truly I have seen a radical change in all areas of my life once I started using this technique.  I’ll admit that sometimes I forget part of the process. When I realize that, I just hop right back on track and things start to flow again.


Here’s to accomplishing MORE than you ever dreamed possible!

  Purchase instant download here      $25.00

$25.00 – Purchase Excluding 7% tax

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