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Warning:  Before you read any of the comments posted here, I think it is fair to let you know that I happen to have the most amazing clients and customers in the entire Universe.  I love them very much and it is my honor to serve them daily.  I just happen to attract a whole lot of awesome.  I’m real lucky that way.

Reiki Clients:

keyon“I was feeling as though my brain was going to explode and I was all over the place when I came across information about Rhonda’s Reiki Grid Program…I instantly knew that this was what I needed, I didn’t think twice and joined. As soon as I joined, I received a welcome email with a guided meditation and I tried it because seriously, I couldn’t function anymore because of the overload in my brain. After the meditation (that I did at my desk at work) I felt energised and this deep sense of relaxation and joy! I couldn’t wait for the program to start. What can I say about my experience with Rhonda and the Reiki Grid? Rhonda is pure love. Her energy and vibrancy are contagious. She seriously loves what she does and you feel it, it transmits to you. I love Rhonda for her gifts, for her service to others, and for helping ease the billion and one thoughts that were causing my brain to feel like it was going to explode. I feel as though a major shift happened for me. Rhonda, you are stuck with me for life now! Thank you. xx”  Keyon Bayani,

Shannon-Nicholson“You know what was awesome about the grid, all the shit I didn’t feel. For the last 14 days I was virtually invincible. No matter what curve balls were thrown at me I just seemed to have this innate ability to process it from the highest good. There was a sense of calm and purpose that enveloped me day in and day out. I look forward to other opportunities to be a part of the grid again!”  Shannon Nicholson,

cheryl“I will be honest, when we started I felt kind of lousy. I was swirling in my mind with the “should’s” and “need to’s”. Although they are still there, I’m not full of grief and anxiety. The only thing I did was focus on Letting Go and all the things that make my life magnificent. I loved loved loved the daily audios and videos. You always brought words of wisdom. Powerful! And I just held on to that. In fact I wrote it on a card and put it on my Wisdom Wall by my desk. I think the best part was knowing that someone was there, connected, and sending me messages that I needed to hear.”  Cheryl Bigus,

Sherri“Rhonda is love, pure and simple. Participating in her Reiki grid left me feeling completely loved and supported each day. I was able to create some major shifts in my predominant negative thought patterns, patterns that I wasn’t even fully aware of. The daily video messages and personal treatment were so supportive and bang on with what was going on for me personally during that time.

I highly recommend Rhonda and her work for anyone looking to support themselves energetically, emotionally, and intuitively. I’m so thankful to have been introduced to Rhonda, she is an incredibly powerful channel of loving, healing energy.”  Sherri Hayter,

Y“I kind of forgot about the grid and that I was going to be getting distance Reiki 24/7. There were two days when I felt so blissful and just really good and energized. I had been somewhat in a funk and then I remember thinking “I feel like I’ve had Reiki.” That is when I remembered about the grid! I feel like things are shifting and I truly can feel a change. Not every day was a Reiki high day, but the hard moments felt like a loosening and clearing of some of the gunk that I’ve been holding onto. You are magical and this grid is magical. I am so grateful, humbled and thankful that I was able to participate in it and hope to do so again in the future.” Yroko Marie,

Taryn Pyle Pic“Meeting Rhonda for the first time you are struck by her joy for life and her generosity and love of people. But when you work with her you quickly become aware of how deep her love and passion for her work runs. She has the ability to touch your heart and bring you into this inner circle of compassion, love and understanding and she does it effortlessly. At the other end, you feel a huge sigh filled with comfort, revelations and deeper understanding of who you are and desire to be.  Just by knowing Rhonda I am a better person. Learning from Rhonda, my life has forever changed. I will be a lifelong student of Rhonda and a lifelong supporter of her work. “  Taryn Pyle,

sarahloveWorking with Rhoda Lee was an honor and complete delight! Being a part of the Reiki crystal grid was like winning the lottery. I could feel the magic and powerful intention that Rhonda held. Knowing that she was in my corner and that all the intentions that i added to the grid were being sent so many good vibrations helped me to completely surrender to the flow of life.”  Sarah Love McCoy,


alison2“Thank you Rhonda. I have experienced amazing healing the past weeks. Feeling waaaaay stronger now.“  Alison Levy,



LLWRhonda is one of the most gifted healers I have ever worked with. Her heart is enormous and absolutely filled with love which she shares readily with everyone she encounters. Rhonda’s work is of the highest integrity and her energy lifts me up and encourages me to keep going. I feel nurtured and held by Rhonda when she works with me and I am just so grateful to have found her.”  Lynn Louise Wonders,

WendyReese“I never know what to expect when I show up and play in the grid. The most recent grid, I wanted to show up fully in my life. There are many limitations that I was moving through in order to show up fully. Rhonda held space for me and did a most unusual clearing (it surprised even her and we blew out the technology we were using). What shifted was I started feeling for comfortable speaking about my gifts and skills and creating from that space. My business is growing, I feel stronger, and I am happier. Rhonda  has a gift when it comes to energy. I highly recommend showing up to play in the zone with the grid. It will shift things in a profound way.”   Wendy Reese,

nana“Time spent with Rhonda’s Reiki Grid is quite simply limitless possibilities, different for each of us, depending on where we are at the time of entry. It is like relaxing into the flow, with everything that entails, well beyond imagination, all the many facets of our being, all that is, and the source of who we are. The Reiki Crystal Grid provides an amplification of ‘you’ in the stream of source. Rhonda is so beautifully aligned with the stream so as to allow a free flow, without muddying the pure energies or your expectations. The Reiki Grid program is as intense as is your awareness of it. It is you, within source, expansively and exponentially with each passing day supported by Rhonda’s beautiful, gentle and joyful energy.”  Nana Betts,

I had a really tough last couple of weeks so it was perfect timing for me. I definitely feel a lot more space around the concerns I shared with you. They haven’t gone away, but I’m just less triggered and less attached. I have more space which allows for more clarity, ease and choice.” Anonymous


Money Energy Experiments Course:

chara“What I loved about this course is its simplicity, combined with Rhonda’s mix of exuberance and humility. She doesn’t claim to be a millionaire with all the answers; instead, she teaches from her heart, leading you through pathways to abundance that she has tested herself. Rhonda helps you to build a strong, heart-centered foundation for your abundance journey. She is a mentor for loving yourself, your life, and your possibilities, and for staying in flow while you call in what you need. I saw real shifts while taking Rhonda’s course, and I recommend it to you!”
Chara Armon,

lisa“Just being here seems to be loosening something up…I had a bunch of payments come in that I did NOT expect…from people I don’t know!!! My clients are referring people who are signing up without even talking to me!”  Lisa Wolfe,

nana“Rhonda Lee ‘s ‘Money Energy Experiments’ is a great facilitator for allowing the flow. Simply put, intend, do the exercises as per Rhonda’s suggestions and be done with it. No need to micro-manage any other part of it. Your physicality in the manifestation is to simply set aside the 15 minutes a day for the exercises, then get on with your regularly scheduled program of fun. You’ve done your part. Now smile, relax and allow that it is even more delicious than you ever could imagine.”  Nana Betts,

Tamara“Tears…so beautiful…so beautiful. MEE has impacted me greatly Rhonda. You spoke my language and put together things I knew of but had forgotten, into a beautiful magical concoction of love. You have encouraged me to be more of me by you just being you and have dramatically shifted some perceptions of money in my mind. I look forward to seeing the fruit birthed and shared gratefully in my life and others. Thank you for stepping out and doing MEE and I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for you. Sending abundance of gratitude and happy tears, hugs and laughter”  Tamara Tipple

“I highly recommend Rhonda Lee’s MEE program to anyone looking for a simple and new approach to finding abundance in the form of money! The experiments presented are amazing and they work! Not only does Rhonda provide new and enlightening ways for money to flow into your experience, she does so with humor, laughter and full support. What an amazing experience! I am excited to continue using the techniques she taught as they keep working their magic. I am a huge fan and will continue following her and her teachings.” Laura Young,

angela“I think you have a wonderful knack of bringing amazing people together because of your beautiful energy! I had the BEST fun doing all those experiments and I just LOVE all your videos, it’s like hanging out with your best friend every time! The energy, the experiments, the magic… I don’t want it to end!Angela Maya Campbell,

alli“This work is so powerful. Not only does it encompass Rhonda’s awesome ability to help you get clear on your focus and intention, but then each day’s work alongside so many others keeps you inspired and in the flow. For the first time I feel like I’ve found my tribe and can express myself and my journey around money in a supportive, open, and realistic way, not too left brained to be trudging through numbers and budgets, but not too right brained and wishing upon a star. There are real, actionable steps to take each day, and I have a whole collection of experiments to continue using in my daily life as I stay in the flow and attract money with ease. Thank you Rhonda for sharing your personal journey with us!”  Alli Parfenov,

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