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by rhonda on September 13, 2016

Wow, wow, WOW! Has this been a majorly fun summer. I literally took off most of the summer to enjoy my family as much as possible. Lots of silliness and lots of laughs. It seems that there is a never ending source of giggles in my family, especially when my mom and I get tired. We turn goofy to the extreme. I blame our genetics.

Where do I start? There’s so much to share and you probably won’t be able to take in everything all in one sitting. Honestly, I wanted to trickle little love notes to you all summer. I thought about it a lot to be honest, but I just could not get to the computer as much as I had hoped, but that’s ok. Life was meant to be lived and I want to be an example of my own work. More on that later.

I did a couple of great interviews in May. Honestly they were my best 2 interviews ever. I was asked back on Whole Being Zone podcast for the 2nd time and was interviewed by Wendy Reese who just released her new book yesterday, Alchemy of Yoga, living life off the mat. You can learn more about it here. Wendy has a great podcast and I highly recommend it. Download it and listen to it anywhere. My May interview is listed right here on this link. It’s always a magical time when I am with Wendy. We simply go there. She moves my heart.

May also brought me the opportunity to do an video interview with Angela Wilkinson of The Awakened Goddess Show. Boy, was that a fun and juicy show! Angela is magnetic and my experience with her was expansive. I’ve heard back from several people that were very touched by my willingness to discuss concepts in a more open manner than I usually do. (OMG!) Recently I was informed by Angela that my interview was also picked to be on Portland public TV as a part of her series for Portland TV. In fact, it is airing 3 times this week! The first time was on Sunday,but you can catch it later this week. Here is the schedule for the rest of the week: 9/15/16 channel 22 at 5:00pm and 9/16/16 channel 23 at 12:00pm. Don’t worry if you are outside of Portland. My full interview is available right on The Awakened Goddess website HERE.

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