Boosting yourself and helping others. 2015 Jumpstart Bundle

December 21, 2014

  I’ve joined forces with a cool group of women to promote the 2015 Jumpstart bundle. It’s one BIG download file with 17 products inside.  I know it’s a lot – and you probably won’t need all of them, but take a look through the list anyway   We’re also raising money to help a […]

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Busting your buns to achieve balance? I’m calling BS

December 10, 2014

Oh my! I’m sharing a video today about getting real with the energy that you expend trying to achieve the much longed for, highly sought after, magical goal called……….wait for it………balance.  Yeah. Balance. You see, I have witnessed so many people beat themselves up and get stressed out trying to achieve this mystical goal of […]

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Exercise your gratitude muscles

November 27, 2014

Today I’m sharing with you a few of my secrets on the subject of gratitude. You see, I believe that gratitude is a mighty force.  In fact, showing sincere gratitude has served very well.  I believe it will do the same for you.   What can you do today to express gratitude to someone?

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You are not exempt from being human

November 18, 2014

  Here’s a rather short post today because I pretty much said it all in the video.  I waited 3 weeks before I published this.    I just wasn’t ready and was kinda hiding out a bit.    I’d appreciate it if you took a few minutes to watch it.  I created it with great love. […]

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Are you losing yourself while people pleasing?

October 19, 2014

  For those of you on my email list, did you notice anything different last week?  I’m trying out a new system of just including my entire blog post in your email instead of you clicking over to my website to read through it all.  I’ve thought about doing it forever and then little by […]

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Remember to make time to play!

October 13, 2014

Golly, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted! And I’m sorry.  Because I really missed you. However, I have to be honest.  I just really wanted to be with my family.  And play.  I’ve done lots of playing.  I strongly suggest you do it too. Why do I suggest playing?  I have found that […]

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I failed and let’s talk about compliments

April 16, 2014

  Before I discuss my recent failure I want to talk about what happens when you compliment someone. Seems rather random, huh? Not really. It’s about that amazing awesome energy that you are harnessing and lasering in on another person. It’s about carelessly flinging some really positive stuffs out into the world.  It’s about putting […]

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Stop Punishing Yourself

March 28, 2014

Seriously.  You’ve punished yourself long enough.  

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Tax time anxiety and a little secret about me

March 8, 2014

That’s me finally getting a bit of my joy back on after several very stressful days leading up to a meeting with my new accountant.  Tax time brings out the absolute worst in me.  I’ll own it.  I have to use everything I know about stress management to make it through.  Rumor has it that […]

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Choosing my reality from the hospital bed….kinda

February 24, 2014

 Yep. That’s me in the hospital bed. I barely recognize myself. I’m ok. I was just exhausted beyond belief and collapsed into my husband’s hospital bed the moment he moved. So I guess I’ll start at the beginning and say I had a rather eventful Valentine’s weekend. You can go ahead and mark that down […]

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