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newSMI have always been influenced by the energy that is in a room and the “vibes” that others put out.  I thought it was just me for many years and found that I am not alone.  You feel it too.   

You know when you walk in a room and everything just feels … off?

You can’t quite put your finger on it … but it just doesn’t FEEL good.

Or those times when you brush past a stranger and you get that chill running down your spine?

Or how about when a friend comes to visit or a customer has an appointment with you? 

They walk in and the negative energy is just dripping off of them and then clings to YOU.

Yes, that feeling.  Read more here…





 Laugh Away Your Stress instant download program

S T R E S Slaughter-yoga

Just seeing the word makes you cringe doesn’t it?  I feel the same way.  Heaven knows I’ve had my fair share of it.  

How do we blast stress?  When everything becomes craptastic, where’s the break?

I’m not good at meditating and being mindful when I’m worried about meeting an important deadline or when the bills pile on.   How about you?          

My mind keeps wandering back to my stress.

There were years that I felt like I was beating my brain into submission trying so hard to be all zen and forcing myself to be peaceful. 

Yup.  Forcing.  Where’s the peace in that?!

You know what?  I found the secret and created a method to blasting stress.  Read more here…



 Leveraging Intention: 6 Easy Steps to Accomplish MORE than You Dreamed Possible.
Instant Download ProgramLevInt box

After a lifetime of trial and error, experiment after experiment, dead ends, a lot of confusion and questions I finally came up with my answer.

 I finally figured out how to Leverage Intention to help me meet my goals.

In fact, I came up with 6 easy steps that I have used time after time to help me achieve some of the things that I wanted in life.  I even had fun doing it and started doing random experiments just to see what would happen.  For fun!

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Drift into DeltaSleep instant download MP3

Affirmations to Ease into Restorative Sleep Driftcover

This MP3 is designed to guide you into deep relaxing sleep with the use of affirmations and binaural beats for brainwave entrainment. Sixty minutes of blissfully gentle music and verbal affirmations guide you into delta brainwaves. This brainwave state is commonly associated with healing, body repair, stress reduction, deepest relaxation, boosted immune system and even increased intuition.


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Laughing the Body Alive instant download program

“Laughing is great for my body?” LBApic


Would you believe me if I told you that laughing is actually really healthy for your body?

It can make your body feel vibrant and alive.

There’s even proven health benefits.  That’s right!  There’s research being done every day about this subject.  Some people even use laughter yoga as a form of exercise.  And by that I mean aerobic exercise that burns off calories.

Best. Workout. EVER.  Read more here…

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