Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge

I have always been influenced by the energy that is in a room and the “vibes” that others put out.  I thought it was just me for many years and found that I am not alone.  You feel it too…


You know when you walk in a room and everything just feels … off?

You can’t quite put your finger on it … but it just doesn’t FEEL good.

Or those times when you brush past a stranger and you get that chill running down your spine?

Or how about when a friend comes to visit or a customer has an appointment with you? 

They walk in and the negative energy is just dripping off of them and then clings to YOU.

Yes, that feeling.

 It happens unexpectedly and you tend to brush it off.

But energy moves and can attach itself.

The next thing you know, you feel sad, confused and just plain pissy.  The energy lingers and you feel the after affects.  You know the feeling.  And you may not know there is a way to remove the feelings, as well as protect your space and change the dynamics before they even begin.  Smudging is an ancient practice of burning sacred plants to use the smoke as a way of removing negative energy.

 But now you can do it without smoke.

This is why I created Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge.

It takes away the negative and fills the room with positive energy flow.  I took all the good things from a traditional smudge which is used to cleanse and purify the air and the surrounding energy of a space and made it more convenient and easy to use.  It’s just not practical to burn sage, cedar or incense everywhere you go

I solved the problem.

Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge is an all natural mist that comes in a convenient spray bottle.  It allows you to mist your personal and business space and removes the negative energy while preparing your space for positive energy flow.   You room will feel and look clearer, more positive and immersed in light.  People will sense the energy in the room and respond positively as well!

Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge is a high vibrational tool used to cleanse and purify your sacred space with the convenience of a spray mist instead of traditional smoke. Essential oils, gemstones, herbs and ceremonial plants are super charged with Reiki, Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz and ORMUS to make this uplifting and potent smudge.  This combination of ingredients can have amazing affects on space and the people who enter.    They work in tandem to clear, clean, and remove negative energy giving you the freedom to enjoy every day encounters.  It lets you give negative energy back to the people creating it, and lets you go to enjoy the positive energy you are creating!

                                                                                           Essential oils and what they do:

Rosemary – uplifting properties, once considered to be a holy oil with mystical propertiesnewSMsmall
Clary Sage – disperses negative energy, considered to be deeply spiritual
Cedarwood – purifying properties and emotionally calming
Cedar Needle Essence – promotes stress release
Reishi – highly revered in Asia, elevates the spirit, herb/mushroom of “spiritual potency”

Tigereye – protective, grounding, offers light to dark energies
Quartz Crystal – draws off negative energy, acts as an amplifier

Herbs and Ceremonial Plants and how they energize:

White Sage – wisdom, purification, protection
Flat Cedar – clears negative emotions
Rosemary – offers clarity

ORMUS –mystical substance that connects spiritual and physical realms, clears the state of mind, super conductor that changes the energy field
Attuned to Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz which is the frequency of DNA repair, unconditional love and miracles

NEW MUSIC MP3 – Inspired by the research of Dr. Emoto, Dr. David Hawkins, too many teachers to mention and a lifetime of study, I am excited to add to the value of Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge by including Spirit Mist Energy Clearing Music mp3 with every bottle purchase.  This 15 minute mp3 is designed to assist in clearing the energy field of your personal and surrounding space through the use of vibrational music as well as spoken affirmations that are in the background of the music.  Words carry powerful energy and I specifically chose words and affirmations that are uplifting and rank high on various vibrational scales by consulting the research of many leaders in the field of consciousness and quantum physics.

You want the best right?

As a Reiki Master/Teacher of 19 years, I personally charge each batch of

Spirit Mist with Reiki.

(This is important!  Machine based sprays don’t have the positive energy flow of a product being made with human hands)

Spirit Mist is housed in a 50ml MIRON violet glass bottle which protects and enhances the high energy of this product. Violet has the highest vibration (720-770 billion Hertz) frequency of all colors. Visible light and sunlight cannot penetrate violet glass and cause decomposition. However, UVA, violet light and infra red light, which provide positive health benefits, can penetrate the violet glass and permanently energize the Spirit Mist.


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**How to use this product: Shake gently and lightly spray the area or space in which you would like to have positive energy and feelings. You can also lightly spray yourself from about a foot away from the body as well. My customers have used this product to clear their homes and businesses which include retail stores, massage/alternative health offices, and yoga studios as well as used it on themselves. I keep a bottle in my kitchen, my car, by my bed and in my purse as I have found it useful everywhere. Do not spray directly in face or on clothing. I recommend a light mist at arm’s length.**

Here is a video that I created to answer questions about Spirit Mist:

Here’s a post answering more questions about Spirit Mist

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Glowing praise for Spirit Mist:

“Every morning I make misting myself and my space part of my daily ritual.  I love everything about Spirit Mist  beginning with the way it smells and ending with the peace and calm the envelopes me after misting.  As a spa owner, it is important that the atmosphere in our space be clean and free of negative energy.  Part of maintaining our sacred space includes misting the treatment rooms between clients.  Our clients also love Spirit Mist and we have many who purchase it on a regular basis.”  Tracie Durrett, Owner of Verde Spa

“It is amazing how Spirit Mist  cleanses and renews a space.  We used it in a church after a funeral to clear the grief energy and the very next day people were joyful and downright giggly in that same space.  I also have found that after visiting the home of a depressed person, I often feel their sadness and have a headache for a few hours.  Today I used one spray of Spirit Mist following such a visit and I was immediately happy with no headache.  Incredible!  I will never be without this stuff!”  Rev Laura Gentry, International Laughter Yoga Ambassador, Owner Laughing Laura and The Gentry Joint

“I used Spirit Mist  during a retreat that I was running in Peru’s Sacred Valley and I thought it was a fabulous addition.  Although we were already in a very positively energized place, some of the retreat attendees brought along some heavy stuff they needed to release.  Misting the space we were working in no doubt helped that process.  Thank You!”  Heather Thorkelson, Architect of Freedom

  “My husband and I had just purchased a new car and I was concerned about the fumes from the “new car smell” bothering my sensitive nose. As pure coincidence, a package had arrived that very morning with the Spirit Mist  I’d ordered a few days before. So, before my husband drove the car out of the dealership parking lot I asked him to wait while I gently sprayed some of this mist into the interior of the car. The first thing that happened was that my husband turned to me and said, “What is that? It smells amazing.” The second thing was that I felt so much more relaxed in the new car. And the third thing, which was the best of all… I didn’t smell the new car smell at all, just the beautiful calming essence from the Spirit Mist. It’s as if it just neutralized the smell. YAY! I highly recommend this product. It’s like meditation in a bottle. And the price is amazing for what you get. Definitely try Spirit Mist!”  Katrina Mayer Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker Wellness and Longevity Advocate

“I have used Spirit Mist  from the very beginning of its creation.  There’s nothing else like it.  It’s beyond compare.  It’s amazing!  It keeps me clear and grounded which is something I need.  I use Spirit Mist  because I deserve the best!!”   Brian H., Greenville, NC

“I love Spirit Mist!  This spray has a very unique and very clean feeling.  First it makes me smile inside then breathe deep for more.  It slows me down and grounds me instantly and then I feel “lifted.”  Christy Koren, owner Ripple Roanoke

“I am a Hospice nurse and I use Spirit Mist  before work every day.  It definitely helps to relax me.”  Courtney Chenoweth

“I feel the difference using Spirit Mist  already.  My son is even sleeping better when I spray it near him at bedtime.  The first night we used it I remember it being 9:30 and then it was 4:30am…I NEVER sleep without waking up.  It was the best night of sleep in forever!”   Roni Marie Davis, Las Vegas, NV

“As an owner of several rental properties I have found Spirit Mist  to be a complete game changer for me.  I use Spirit Mist  to clear my properties between renters.  This is especially useful for my vacation rentals.  I keep two bottles of Spirit Mist  at all times because I also use it for myself as well to clear my personal space.  I feel a huge difference.”  BCH, owner OSB Properties

“Thank you so much for all you put into your Spirit Mist.  That stuff is amazing! I am using it in my practice space and to clear my energy.  Spirit Mist  makes it possible for me to get my own energy back.  I take on energies so easily.  I just want to share my huge appreciation for what you’ve made and for making it available for sale!”  Tracie, Fertile MN

“If an intoxicating and euphoric bliss are by-products of Spirit Mist, then this lovely concoction is doing it’s job. It fills whatever space it is used in with light and warmth. It is elevating and addictively good. Spirit Mist has my seal of approval!” Josh L, NYC


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