Tax time anxiety and a little secret about me

by rhonda on March 8, 2014

taxmeThat’s me finally getting a bit of my joy back on after several very stressful days leading up to a meeting with my new accountant.  Tax time brings out the absolute worst in me.  I’ll own it.  I have to use everything I know about stress management to make it through. 

Rumor has it that I’m not alone with this problem. 

I decided to really break down why exactly I have such anxiety about doing taxes.  There’s a lot of reasons but then there’s also the memories of a really rough time in my past.  At one point I had to eat from the food bank.  I relive some anxiety associated with this every tax season.

Shocker, huh?  I’ve already released the video that I’m sharing here and I’ve totally floored my best friends.

Enjoy the video and be on the look out for a special email from me in the next week or so.



Be sure to share this with a friend that has tax time anxiety.  We’re all in this together!

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