The Love Declaration

by rhonda on February 16, 2012


The Love Declaration
-A Covenant-

I am your partner
in awakening
from fear.
From this moment on,
at all times,
under all conditions,
I Declare
I will be
for All Beings,
A Conscious Source
of Absolute Love;
and I promise
I will serve only
this Love,
in you,
in me,
and in All,
no matter what,
for the rest of my life.
David Kenyon Seacord

I admit that I have been less than gentle with myself lately. Maybe that is why I stumbled upon this poem when cleaning up this morning. Maybe I needed a reminder of the love that I am. It is always easier to give love to others than to allow it for myself. Today I decided to change that for myself. I’ve been through a lot lately; the death of a grandparent, a car wreck and physical pain from pushing myself too hard to name a few things. I absolutely have not been able to come up for air, nor have I allowed myself to. By not allowing myself to flow through love, I not only do myself an injustice, but do one to you as well. That I can not bear, because I am your partner, where ever you are and who ever you may be. We are in this epic journey of life together. How can I serve you if I do not serve myself? When the well is run dry, what is left for me to give?

So today I will give to myself a bit; to refuel, to replenish and to restore my declaration of Love for All. I purchased myself beautiful roses and decided to become my own Valentine even if it was a few days late. I was only going to buy one bunch, but ended up with two when I couldn’t decide between the colors of blush of innocence and yellow of abounding joy. These serve as my reminder orosef beauty, joy, gentleness and mostly love. Each time I glance at them I will send out “The Love Declaration” as my promise that I will remember why I am here.

Now if you will excuse me, there is a hot bath and a cup of tea waiting for me.

Be gentle with yourself.
You are so very loved,

your partner

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